Turbott Wolfe by Plomer, W

Turbott Wolfe by Plomer, W

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ISBN 9780868521930

Publisher: Donker 1993

203 pages

Soft cover

Willaim Plomer's "Turbott Wolfe" is the extraordinary story of a brilliant, angry young man in the 1920s. Written when the author was nineteen years old, "Turbott Wolfe" has lost none of its original sting, its power or its humour. Its themes of the white man in Africa and race relations remain pertinent even today. Its place in the history of South African literature is unique and assured.

To complement the text, this edition includes a selection of background pieces. There is Roy Campbell's original fervent defence, Laurens van der Post's detailed recollections of 'Voorslag" days in 1926 in Natal, and many of Plomer's own opinions of his younger self are also included.