Unprecedented by Paige Nick

Unprecedented by Paige Nick

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ISBN: 9780620749220

N&B books, 2017

Soft Cover, 213 pages

It is 2020, and ex-President Jeremiah Gejeyishwebisa Muza has just been released from prison on medical parole, with a dangerously infected ingrown toenail. Now he's back home with his two remaining wives, a skinny dog a, a rapidly dwindling entourage, and a fire pool to maintain. Plus the municipality is demanding he pay a vast outstanding rates bill. But Muza has plans - big ones - that include a memoir of alternative facts being ghostwritten by disgraced journo Mathew Stone. Will Stone meet his deadline, as his publisher, agent, and drug dealer all breath down his neck? Will Muza pay the money in time and succeed in his plans to conquer the world? Will his long suffering parole office stay one jump ahead of him? And which side is he limping on today?