Why Witches Are Still Flying in Africa? by Mfundo Badela

Why Witches Are Still Flying in Africa? by Mfundo Badela

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ISBN: 9781482809176

Partridge Publishing, 25 August 2015

Soft cover, 210 pages

The main point is to highlight witchcraft belief murders as the silent crime against humanity, and it is part and parcel of African traditional religion and the Abrahamic religions. As long as the abovementioned myths still survive, so will be the witchcraft myth, because it obtains its legitimacy from the abovementioned. Today, the world is held at ransom by unproven and false ancient ideas. Humanity has forsaken reason and science for the frivolous claims of the so-called holy text and African ancestral spirits. As a consequence, innocent beings are being slaughtered by witch hunters and the so-called terrorists, and still we are defending the indefensible and deny the obvious. The media in South Africa have joined this diabolic movement by advertising witchcraft antidote and miracles in problem solving. The state is unable to solve this because they negate the root cause, which is religion. All beliefs should be put to the museum of history. After all, they are all nonexistent magic.